Pack Life

Resting with Manney on the front porch.

Enjoy the adventures of our K9 pack through ongoing narrative, images, and video; presently, the pack consists of an odd cast of characters (both K-9 and human). Please feel free to comment and share stories, images, and videos of your favorite K9 beasts.

Her Majesty Queen Sheena (aka: Sheena, Sheena-girl, Neena, Bitch, Party-girl), she is the 8-year-old matriarch, alpha-female (spayed) Rottweiler, and presently the only K9 member that likes to get high…as it helps with her arthritis, stress, and night-terror.

His Majesty King Mannheim (aka: Manney, Manney-boy, Big-boy, Boy, Big-love, Stud, Bear), he is the sweetest member of the pack…also the largest; a protective big brother type coming in at a whopping 150-160 pounds, my second Rottweiler, 5-year-old male (intact).

Raphael (aka: Boo-boo, Little-boy, Scrappy, Bear-cub, A-hole, Jerk, Meanie, Bully, etc.), he does not like Manney-boy, and seems to try to make that clear every time that they cross paths. Boo-boo is also inclined to hump anything soft, warm and fuzzy thing that he is introduced to, until discouraged against it. He is my 3-year-old Havanese holy terror weighing in at almost 10 pounds (intact).

Amos Elvis (aka: Amos, Son, Amos Moses) This is my stepson’s Scottish Terrier/ Schnauzer mix (?). He is a rescue dog, also about 3 years old, a chunky 30 pounds, and neutered. My son rents our upstairs apartment and Amos guards that as his domain over the other dogs, especially Raphael, as these two are primarily inside dogs and spoiled rotten. Amos is also known to launch himself into Manney-boy like a huge airborne torpedo when Raphael is present.

Toby (aka: Tobias, Toto, Red, Boy) This is the latest addition to the pack, a lovable and energetic 7 month old Australian Cattle Dog (Red-heeler) intact male, who can climb like a fox; he has endeared himself to Manney-boy in a big brother/ little brother relationship. Toby loves to tirelessly practice his “heeling” techniques on Manney-boy and Manney endures it all.

Bonner (aka: Bon-bon, Nawnee) Bonner is a beautiful red with white markings, 4-year-old, female American Pit-Bull Terrier (spayed); Bonner has always been like Manney’s “girlfriend” from the moment that they met…now, fully grown she weighs about 45 pounds and loves socializing with Toby. She used to have full access to the pack through an opening in the fence, but I chose to close it up for the time being due to Toby entering the neighbor’s house through Bonner’s pet door and stealing items from the house to chew on…like expensive lingerie! She does still interact with the pack, or one-on-one with Toby, but only under supervision until he matures out of the puppy behavior.

Follow your bliss.

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