American Tank Commander

Dear Reader,

A life and career in the military is so much more a journey than a destination…even with a brief stint. I dreamt of joining the military, specifically the United States Army, ever since I was a child. I also found tanks and armored vehicles to be fascinating; eventually, I did grow up to enlist in the Army as an Armor Crewman, and I spent the better part of twenty-two years of active military service as a Tank Commander, both state side and overseas. My experiences in the Army certainly did not always live up to my expectations, but in balance, I am happy with the choice that I made to enlist and eventually become a career soldier. I retired from active duty in June of 2005 at the rank of Sergeant First Class; my last assignment was deployment to Operation Iraqi Freedom 2 (OIF II), with the First Cavalry Division out of Fort Hood, TX.

This blog is not intended to glorify armed conflict or violence in any way; but more precisely, it is a retelling of my experiences in the Army and what I learned from it all…including combat, in an informative, and I believe extremely entertaining reveal of what it is really like to serve as a combat arms soldier in a maneuver force.

Follow your bliss.

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