Middle Tennessee

Bio: I am a 54 year old male; I resist labeling myself with a contrived label of race, but I do have a dark complexion and I am human. I was born and raised as a Catholic in the Greater New Orleans Area (West Bank), Louisiana. I permanently left that area at the age of nineteen when I entered the United States Army as an Armor Crewman. I did my Basic and Advanced Initial Training at Fort Knox, KY...when it was still the Home of Armor. My first duty post was Fort Carson, CO, and, in sum, I spent about thirteen years at that post of the nearly twenty-two years total that I was enlisted. I served a tour in the then West Germany and two tours in South Korea; I was deployed with the First Cavalry Division in Operation Iraqi Freedom II, 2004-2005, and then I retired to my present location in Middle Tennessee. I have worked a variety of jobs since I retired from the military, including two stints at a VA Medical Center; presently, I do some construction work part time, but because I am a self-identified Empath and Introvert diagnosed with PTSD and MDD, I try to spend as much time as I can at home alone with my awesome dogs. I am of average build and appearance, and the only special skill I posses, that I am aware of, is my ability to write technically and intellectually. Writing, to many, is a very abstract and foreign endeavor, but my linear perceptive mind allows me to compare writing to engineering; a body of writing as well as a building should achieve a high degree of technical compliance, this is the objective measure. Subjectively, writing and buildings can have a varying degree of effects intellectually and emotionally; the vast majority of buildings go by unnoticed, but the world is filled with engineering wonders that inspire thought and arouse the emotions...this is the writing that I endeavor to present here.

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