Pack Life

Dear Reader,

Today I would like to introduce you to the original pack core; Sheena came first, then I got Manney a few years later from the same breeder (their relationship is aunt-nephew); finally, the next door neighbor got Bonner from a friend about a year or more later. The evening that they met, Manney and Bonner became friendly…it became obvious by the next day that they would not accept being separated, as they were both digging under my fence from opposite sides. I figured the best way to solve this was to provide an opening in the fence for Bonner and hope that the Rottweilers could not fit through. I decided to try pulling out one board and luckily that worked; Bonner was able to come and go as she pleased. She loved to stay with Manney and would often spend the night…refusing to go back home when called.

These three have always played this game where Bonner will get something in her mouth as insignificant as a rock and Sheena, then Manney, will line up behind her and make like a little train; sometimes Bonner does not want to play this game and it really seems to frustrate the other two…funny and bizarre!

Follow your bliss.